Light of the firefly

In a meditation a few weeks ago, I saw this tiny speck of light that was moving and flitting around in the darkness of my mind. As I became more and more aware of its movement, it reminded me of a firefly, small, beautiful, bright and magical. And then I had this sense of the firefly landing…within me. This tiny speck of light chose this body, the body I think of as mine, and as it landed, it burst into endless, glowing beams of light. They radiated  throughout my body. I felt beams of light and love and energy bursting from my essence.

I have had a sense of my inner light in recent months, but this was the first time I understood it visually.

A few days after that meditation, I was at our family cottage. I was alone and had gone to bed early. I woke out of a deep sleep…something stirred my consciousness. I looked at the clock, and it was 11:11. This clock time has been coming up for me a lot lately. It seems that it is the time the universe has chosen to speak to me. I tuned in, wanting to listen and hear what the universe was drawing my attention to. I listened, but heard nothing. I searched within but again, nothing was there. So I opened my eyes.

And there it was. A firefly. In the cabin, flying above my bed. I laughed and let the joy of the moment wash over me.

Last week, I got up before anyone else in the house was awake, and I sat out on the deck to meditate. The sun was amazing that morning, and I think this photo captures it. It also captures how I’ve been considering the inner light of the firefly. This ball of energy, that can appear to be so small, that can be compressed into the size of a marble (or smaller), but that can radiate so bright – that radiates beyond anything we can even imagine or comprehend.



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  1. this sweet world says:

    Becky, I absolutely LOVE this piece of writing and the story it tells (and I also have an affinity for 11:11). Keep writing!


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