Work With Me

“I quit my 9-5, now what?!”

The clock is ticking (tick, tock!). The mortgage, car loan and bills are staring you in the face.

“Did I make the right decision? What if I fail?!” 

Packing up the contents of your office, handing in the key pass and walking out of that office building one last time felt so freeing.

Like you finally did what felt right for your Soul. There’s no way you want to go back to 9-5. You just can’t!

So…let’s not!

Hi! I’m Becky and I’m a coach for soul-centered entrepreneurs who have made the leap – or are contemplating the leap – to start their own business.

We work together to create a business you love – that unlike corporate, is 100% aligned with who you are – so you can keep the car, pay off the house and still get your kids into university!


  • The sleepless nights wondering if you made the right choice
  • White knuckling your way through the first 24 months of business
  • Nerve-wracking conversations with your spouse
  • Wondering “Should I go back to 9-5?”
  • Having to defend your decision to your mother in law

Work with me…

And confidently move from start-up to business growth. So you can rest easy knowing you made the right decision for you and your family.

“Becky is passionately invested in those who are drawn to work with her. Her magnetic energy is grounding, while her fiery spirit coaxes you to your nearest edge and asks you to look and leap. Becky’s own learning on her quest to live an authentic and joyful life fuel her stories and her teaching. You won’t regret time with this gorgeous soul. Renée Hartleib, Writer and Writing Coach, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Who’s this for? I work with soul-centered business owners who want to start a new business or who have already leading with their heart and souls.

Where do we meet? In persons sessions are conducted at Creative Crossings (corner of Agricola St. and Charles St.) in Halifax, N.S. I also Skype or Zoom. 

What’s the cost? We’ll have a conversation to determine what you’re looking for you in terms of support and come up with payment arrangement that’s right for you. I’ll provide you with an invoice and you can send an e-transfer to

How do we schedule time together? Once payment is received, you’ll receive instructions on how to schedule our sessions. Right now, I’m booking about 3-4 weeks out.

You can’t wait that long! You need help now! If you want to see me sooner, send me an email at and I’ll do my best to squeeze you in sooner.

You came to this life with a purpose. Let’s connect so I can support you in building a business that aligned with you.

“If you are looking to dive into the mystery of your own being and discover the more that you are, go be in the powerfully loving energy of Becky Keen. You will be well taken care of and leave with a deeper sense of who you truly are.” Anne Bérubé, Spiritual Coach and author of ‘Be Feel Think Do’